12 Melting Surprise Cupcakes= 1 Beaded Watch Band

 Posted by at 2:54 pm on August 23, 2009
Aug 232009

I’ve bet you’ve been thinking, “what will she buy next with those cupcakes of hers?” The winner is…. a beautiful handcrafted beaded watch band from Ebaby Bling, aka Shari Ott! I am a fan and proud wearer of Shari’s jewelry. She is a fun, talented, energetic woman. And for her to share just one of her talents with the rest of us who love one of a kind, detailed jewelry, we should be eternally grateful. Shari has been making jewelry for years and has a very successful store on Ebay, and a website http://www.ebabybling.com/. I am still trying to figure out how she raises her 5 kids, and makes these beautiful pieces, most of them are custom ordered!

Shari liked the Best Ever Apple cupcakes, but when it came down to the purchase time, she opted for the Chocolate Melting Surprise. The gooey fudge center with the warm soft cake on the outside is pure chocolate bliss! Her husband is a fan of the cupcakes too! Jason is not picky and just likes to eat what I make, no matter the flavor.
Thank you Shari and Ebaby Bling for a beautiful beaded watch band in my favorite colors- black and red (of course) and for being such a great friend! Happy Baking!

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