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Aug 272009

I have not been sleeping very well these last few nights. Not even the thought of cupcakes can make me dream right now. I have been anxious about the whole book thing, wondering when 101 Gourmet Cupcakes would arrive at Cedar Fort. The Pacific Ocean is such a big deep body of water and my books have to cross it! Brian (my hubby) kept teasing me saying, “what if the ship sinks?” Well I hadn’t even thought of that scenario until he mentioned it. Thanks honey!I even had a nightmare that Somali pirates attacked the ship and held my books for ransom. And to think that Obama wouldn’t help me! Every day I’ve thought, “will I have the books in time for the Book Release Party?” (SEPTEMBER 4TH) I was informed by Bryce last night that Cedar Fort was in posession of 101 Gourmet Cupcakes! And that my shipment had just been sent via the UPS. A huge relief came over me! It’s here! It’s finally here! I actually can’t find the words to describe this feeling. I’ll think of some, I’m sure.

Now I am just sitting here at the computer trying not to bite my fingernails, patiently waiting for my books to arrive. I can’t really say patiently, because every few minutes I literally get up and walk to the window. The sounds of large trucks (it happens to be our garbage day) passing is not helping with this anxiety! Which means, that most of you, if you pre-ordered will be getting yours soon too!

For now, I guess I shall try to read a book, look at other cupcake blogs to by the time. I will however let you know when they get here, IF I can find the words- or see through my tears… I can cry when I am happy sometimes. But most of you already know that. Meanwhile, happy baking!


  1. Wahoo!!!! That is soooooooo exciting Wendy! Yay!

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