Spending time the the Ladies of Good Things Utah!

 Posted by at 2:13 pm on September 16, 2009
Sep 162009

This FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, at 10 am on Channel 4, (abc)! I will be spending time with the Ladies of Good Things Utah! I am so excited and can hardly wait- I have such a great recipe planned- so sinful you will run oto the store after the show is over and make them yourself. I’m not going to tell what I have in store, you will just need to watch to see! In the meantime, tune in to GTU and you will find some amazing ideas for your home, mealtime, and your wardrobe! Not to mention, some great ideas for awesome, easy and fun CUPCAKES! Did I say it’s on Friday, September 18th? Yes? OK, well then Happy Baking!

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