Cutest Cupcake Costume ever!

I found the cutest cupcake costume today while surfing the web for Christmas presents for my kids. Of course I had to buy it, thinking my daughter has a Halloween costume for next year. I am always striving to be prepared, you know. Anyway, I thought I’d share the link, and also the photo… why didn’t I think of this idea last week as I was scrambling to get her a costume? Princesses and fairies always win at our house. This one is sure to be a hit. A combination of Cupcakes and Princesses!

The website is There are many costumes on sale, and great ideas starting at the low cost of $ 4.98 and goes up from there. They also have great games and toys for kids, some of them even cupcake themed.
Last night I filmed another cupcake tutorial video that I will be posting on youtube. That way, if you need any help or have questions on the “how to” part of making cupcakes, it’s there for you all the time, 24/7! I’ll share the link once the videos are up. Meanwhile, what are you baking today? It’s cold and rainy, even snowy. I think I’ll make some Rosemary onion french bread. Yes, I will post the recipe. Happy Baking!

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