12 Recipes of Christmas… # 2 Cranberry Meatballs

Cranberries seem to be my favorite item for baking, cooking and well, anything this time of year. They are versitile, tasty, beautiful, rich in color and texture. So I was thinking, I had this great cranberry chicken recipe, why not make it meatballs too? It would taste so good. I could serve it with rice or stuffing, alone, or use it even for an appetizer. So the other night, I decided to make this and see what my family thought. I bought frozen meatballs, because of my limited time and poured 1/2 the bag into a large stone baking dish. My son probably out ate the rest of us. He asked if we could have this every night. So I’m thinking that because there were no leftovers, not only did I like it, but we all liked it, it’s a keeper! Here’s the recipe:

Cranberry Meatballs

2 cans whole cranberry sauce
1 1/2 cups Catalina dressing
1 package onion soup mix
2 pounds meatballs, frozen or fresh (if fresh, be sure to brown all sides before adding sauce)
Mix together the cranberry sauce, dressing and soup mix. Place all meatballs into a large baking dish or slow cooker. Top meatballs with sauce and bake at 300 degrees for 2-3 hours or for the slow cooker, 4-6 hours on high, or 6-8 hours on low. Serve with rice, alfredo pasta or stuffing.