A lucky day too!

So, not only do I love being a part of Studio 5, but I also love to watch when I can. So today, after hearing that Polly Tribe of Udder Ointment would be on the show, I had to watch! So I sat down, and enjoyed a whole hour of TV all to myself… well my friend Stephanie was over, but for the most part, we were able to watch in peace and quiet.

At the end of her segment, which she did really well on, they did a phone in give away and I started calling. Stephanie started calling and when my phone started ringing, I started to get a little tingly in my stomach and I knew I had won! I heard, “can I have your name?” I said, “Wendy Paul.” The nice voice on the other end of the line then paused and said, “Wendy… Wendy Paul? Our Wendy Paul?” I said, “Kellie, is that you? Did I win? I’m so excited! I actually won!!!!” Kellie then said she would leave the basket at the front desk, and I could come to get it and since I already knew where they are located, good to talk to you! What a small world. I feel so LUCKY today! I won some great products that I am excited to try and the cutest little cow(named Cowie by my son, not too original but cute non the less) which was purchased at A Little Something in Layton. Could this day get any better?

I am determined to try this Udder Ointment on my daughter. Nothing has worked on her dry skin. It is so dry that she itches her self, and it cracks and sometimes bleeds after bath time. I will post some photos on Sunday or so. I can tell after one application, there is a considerable difference. It didn’t sting either. A huge plus. In the mean time, Happy Baking!