Cute cupcake find…

Each day I am becomming more crazy about cupcakes. Not that I haven’t always loved them, I have always loved them. It just seems as though I am becomming more of a cupcake fanatic! For anything cupcake related. All things cupcake! For my Christmas list I wrote only a few items, most of them cupcake related. When I see something that is cupcake inspired, I tend to melt and purchase it. I bought 2 adorable cupcake ornaments at Country Furniture in Garnder Village and can’t wait to put my tree up after Thanksgiving.

My sister-in-law keeps surprising me with great cupcake finds, she then handcrafts just for me! She made me this cupcake pin cushion which I feel like I want to display, more than use because it is simply too cute.

While searching for other cupcake finds online, I came across this website which has the instructions for this cute cupcake pin cushion. Visit Bez White to see these cute little creations for yourself.

I also received some cupcakes shaped soaps from my mother-in-law. I don’t know if I will ever use them, they are so sweet and adorable, even with sprinkles and cherries on some. She bought mine at WalMart for $1 each, but these are available online at Ebay.

So there you have it! Some fun cupcake finds for the day. I’ll be posting the next recipe for our 12 Recipes of Christmas soon, I promise. My computer was taken over by a “hostile program” and is currently at the doctor. We may have 4 recipes for next week. Meanwhile, have a great weekend, enjoy the beautiful holiday season and happy baking!