A Very Merry Christmas

 Posted by at 3:16 am on January 2, 2010
Jan 022010
So as promised, I thought I would show the pictures of my son with his new friend… Mr. Lion. Can you tell that he is so happy? At first he didn’t even want to wake up for Christmas morning, until his sister told him that he had something really cool and “big” by his stocking. Seriously, it has been a week, and Lion has traveled in the family van just as much as I have. He sits beside my son, even gets buckled in sometimes. He perches a top of his bed, and has been his sleeping companion for the many nights that are a little scary… we are going through a “dark is scary” faze. Mr. Lion has even watched movies with the family. Swiss Family Robinson being the favorite of the moment. I think it’s because the little boy gets a Asian elephant and Zebra for a pet. Not to mention the cool tree house and the little monkey. Never having to technically bathe is a plus for him too. Maybe I should move to a small island? My son would sure be happy.
What do you think… no. I think I’ll stay with my warm home here is snowy Utah. Maybe I’ll just plan a trip somewhere warm and take my boy to the zoo. I found this Lion at “A Little Something” in Layton. Mary Murphy owns and operates this darling shop. Every time I go I seem to find the cutest things. Thanks Mary for this great idea….. I had a wonderful and magical Christmas… what more could you ask for. Santa even winked at me and told me that I had been good and would get everything I had on my list. And I did. Happy baking!

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