Proposal at Costco?

 Posted by at 1:49 am on January 24, 2010
Jan 242010

I know, it’s stange the things that can happen at a book signing. I should really be writing all of these things down. So I am going to start with the lastest from today’s book signing. Sometimes I am embarrassed with dirty old men telling me their ideas for books, or men telling me I am too thin to have written a cupcake cookbook.. for which I am most grateful. But this one takes the “cupcake” so to speak.

Today, while talking to anyone who would listen and make eye contact with me, I met this nice man who was quite excited to see the book. He then proceeded to ask me what my favorite cupcake in the book was… that has to be the most F.A.Q. of all time. I said, “Key Lime Pie.” He then seriously began to get so excited, turned to the page to see the photo and was almost jumping up and down and said, “Will you marry me?” “What?” I asked. “I’m so very sorry, but I am already married. My husband is Mr. Cupcake and he doesn’t take that position lightly.” This man went on and on for several minutes, and then didn’t even buy a book. He walked away, disappointed.
You should have seen the people around me stare in disbelief when they heard him ask me to marry him. It was like the whole aisle at Costco froze, and on a Saturday afternoon! That is not an easy thing to do, mind you. It did get me more attention, and more people did come over to see this incredible Key Lime Pie cupcake that is worth a marriage proposal.
So that was my exciting afternoon. All in a cookbook author’s day of Costco signings. Happy Baking!

  4 Responses to “Proposal at Costco?”

  1. That is awesome Wendy!! hahahahahaha

  2. I’d ask you to marry me, but it’s illegal ;P

  3. You are hilarious! Thanks for sharing this and stay away from those dirty old men, ha, ha,ha!

  4. This is good! It lets Bryan know you are still desirable and therefore he must be on his toes at all times continually trying to win your heart! Tell him Ethel said so!

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