Who doesn’t love a sale, right?

A sale on some great cookbooks- including my very own. I thought I’d take the chance to let you in on a great sale, one that includes 5 great cookbooks at 40% OFF! This is not a typo- it’s truth. Take advantage of this great deal and visit http://www.cedarfort.com/. At checkout enter in this promotion code: CFIrecipe.

The 5 books are: 101 Gourmet Cupcakes, Breakfast in a Cookie Jar, Doin Dutch Oven, Spice Up Your Life, and Girlfriends On The Go- Meal Planning.

The offer ends soon, so be sure to get your cookbooks before January 11th! Happy baking!

3 Replies to “Who doesn’t love a sale, right?”

  1. I was at a shower on saturday, and someone totally gave your book as a gift! I WAS SO EXCITED! They hadn’t even tried your book, they just thought it looked cute. So I told EVERYONE how great it was!


  2. Oh *DANG IT*!! I left this post unread on my Google Reader and I meant to purchase all these books yesterday. I was too busy yesterday to spend more than 15 minutes reading some blogs and forgot! 🙁

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