Authors who were at the Sandy Authorpalooza

In case you were wondering, here is a list of author’s who attended the Sandy Authorpalooza last week…. (this is the best part of doing book signings, meeting other authors- I ended up buying 5 books, all signed of course.I also decided I may need to increase my book budget.)

James Dashner The Maze Runner, Jessica Day George The Dragon Fire, Frank Cole Hashbrown Winters, GG Vandergriff The Last Waltz, Bree Despain The Dark Divine, Jillayne Clements Deadly Treasure, Wendy Paul 101 Gourmet Cupcakes, Nichole Giles & Cindy Beck Mormon Mischief and Mishaps, Terri Ferran Life’s Alphabet Soup, Rhonda Gibbs Hinrichson Missing, Heather Justesen The Ball’s in Her Court, Dan Willis, Linda Chadwick Second Chances, Berin Stephens The Dragon War Relic, Cory Paulson, Lisa Mangum The Hourglass Door, Mette Ivie Harrison The Princess and the Bear, Emily Wing Smith The Way He Lived,
Sharlee Glenn Just What Momma Needs, Alvina Kwong My Imagination, Kristyna Crow Swamp and Bedtime, Carol Lynch Williams , Ann Cannon, Ann Dee Ellis, Kevin Hall, Larry Myler, Mike O’Reilly, Zane Taylor, Jack Nelson To Die in Kanab, Rebecca Lerwill Relocating MIA, Kim Williams Justesen, Bobbie Pyron The Ring, Aubrey Mace My Fairy Godmother, Sydney Salterm, Nathan Hale Calamity Jack, Bron Bahlmann, Aland Bellows, Paule Genesse Larry Correia.
Thanks to Michelle @ Sandy Barnes & Noble for having such a great event! And for all those who attended, THANK YOU! Happy Baking!

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  1. HI Carol! My book was published by Cedar Fort, Inc. in Springville, UT. I think they did an amazing job and can’t wait for the 2nd! 🙂

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