Happy National Chocolate Month!

Fitting, isn’t it. That National Chocolate month fall on one of the best “chocolate” holidays, Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is addictive, tasty, creamy, smooth, melt-in-your mouth good. I am always looking for a chocolate fix, and when there is a whole month dedicated to celebrating it, I want to shout from the roof top- Yippee!!!

Do you have a favorite chocolate treat? I sure do. When I’m in the need of a quick fix, I always turn to the Dove dark chocolate. It seems to be my perfect mix of sweet and bitter chocolate rolled into one. I could eat the whole bag if I so desired.

Are you thinking of Valentine’s Day? Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day tradition? My husband and I usually celebrate Valentine’s Day before or after the fact. I don’t like large crowds, especially when it comes to enjoying a dinner. So, we usually go to Jim’s Family Resturaunt- but it recently burned to the ground (the one by our home, anyway). I know- so romantic, right? But this started 6 years ago when my husband made reservations for dinner at an amazing place and I had an appointment to get my hair done… and was delayed. Let’s just say, that we missed our reservation, and all the other resturaunts had 2-3 hours of waiting…. because everyone was celebrating their “love.” So, we drove back toward Salt Lake City and ended up at Jim’s Family Resturaunt. We had a great dinner, and the check was less than $ 20. Not too bad for a evening that could have been ruined. So for the last 6 years, we have gone there, to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s fun and a great memory for us. We have a great dinner and are in and out in less than an hour, and usually under $ 20.

Here’s the deal. I want to hear about your Valentine’s Day traditions. It’s the Valentine’s Day Traditions Giveaway! Post a comment about what you like to do to celebrate your “love” or lack thereof, be a follower and you can even post about this contest on your blog or website. You can earn points to win a Valentine’s Night Out package, including movie & dinner gift certificates, and best of all, One dozen of chocolate cupcakes, courtesty of 101 Gourmet Cupcakes! Contest ends on February 10th, midnight. Winner will be chosen by random.org and be announced right here on this website on February 11th!

Here’s the points:
1 point= posting a comment here
2 points= becoming a follower
2 points= post about this contest on your blog or website

I can’t wait to hear from you- Happy National Chocolate Month & Happy Baking!

14 Replies to “Happy National Chocolate Month!”

  1. Valentine’s Day is my MOST favorite holiday, then again I haven’t found a holiday I didn’t like!
    I agree, any holiday that has chocolate as a main ingredient is a holiday worth having!
    One thing I like to do for Valentine’s Day is send Valentine’s cards to some of my girlfriends. For some reason, VALentine’s Day is of especial importance to me. LOL
    I usually try some type of new chocolatey type of dessert for the family. I really like the volcano-type desserts because of the surprise. I also like the turtle cheesecakes & of course, these are met with very few familial complaints!
    As a couple, Larry & I have very few if any Valentine traditions. He doesn’t buy me flowers because the prices usually skyrocket & I’d rather have something pretty planted in my yard. We’ll know he’s in sync with me if he ever plants lilacs!
    Well, now I have to start thinking of something wonderful for this year!

  2. My tradition is sooooo romantic (not)! I usually buy my husband a new set of underwear. Just the regular kind he wears every day. But then to be funny I package them in a Victoria’s Secret box or bag that I have hung onto. “Here honey, I got you something new to wear to bed…”

  3. Yes, if you already follow the blog, that does count. And yes, posting to Facebook should count, just be sure you are linked to me too! 🙂

  4. My husband recently left me and my twin boys…so there won’t be any “romance” going on, but we are going to continue on with our tradition of making chocolate fondue, dipping giant strawberries in it and getting chocolate all over our faces. We have already begun planning it. Valentines is our favorite holiday…next to Halloween. Side note…My boys were born 2 months premature….while they were in the NICU I snuck in some chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, on their 1 month birthday, and asked the nurse if they could have a tiny bit of chocolate on their lips…she said it was okay, so that is the first real food they ever had!! To this day they love chocolate. So just because the jerkstore left us, we are going to still have a great Valentines Day…me and my boys!!

  5. No regular tradition…. but we try to do something fun every year, little notes, homemade gifts etc.
    I am already a follower, and I will post this on my blog!

  6. Wendy, I’m like you – I don’t like crowds! So for our Valentines the past few years I have decided to make a “gourmet” meal at home. I usually try to find something that I wouldn’t normally make, and I do an appetizer, main course and a dessert. I also like to chocolate dip strawberries & raspberries too. I set out the “good” dishes and we have a fancy dinner with the kids. I guess it’s not super romantic, but it has been fun to do something special for my family. Who knows, maybe this year the dessert will be cupcakes!

  7. Is it weird that my Valentine tradition is to hang out with all my single friends? Because, invariably, I am single on Valentine’s Day, which is kind of a relief since there’s so much pressure on the day to be magical and romantic.

    So my Valentine’s tradition is to go out to eat with single friends after which ALL of us get dessert 😉

  8. I am following 🙂

    My husband and I have gone out for a romantic dinner every Valentine’s Day since we met. This year we’ll go to the sushi bar where we had our first date. Aww, <3

    Thanks for a chance at this awesome giveaway!

  9. Well we are not huge into going out either. We have in the past gone to a movie and dinner along with everyone else it seems like. Maybe I will try some of the other ideas that have been posted!
    I’m also a follower and I will link this to my blog!

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