Easiest recipe for dulce de leche….. EVER!

 Posted by at 1:00 pm on March 19, 2010
Mar 192010

So, in this grand and glorious process of writing yet another cookbook, I had this great contest…. the winner gets their cookie recipe published in my cookbook…

Anyway, I needed to get a great recipe for dulce de leche. I wanted something quick and easy, did I say easy? YES. So I went on a search for “easy dulce de leche recipe.” I love google. I can usually find what I need and more.

Easy Dulce de leche

2 cans sweetened condensed milk (low-fat works too!)
Lots of water
Crock pot

Place cans (without wrapper) on the bottome of the crock pot. Generously cover with water.(VERY IMPORTANT) Place lid on crock pot and turn on high setting until water starts to boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer 1-2 hours for thin dulce de leche or 3-4 hours for thick dulce de leche. Thick works best for filling cookies.

CAUTION: Cans can explode, and eagle brand does not recommend heating sweetened condended milk in their can, nor do I. Although it does taste rather good when done right.

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