Mar 162010

First off, let me start this by saying, I loved this book. If you read my review, you will know why. If you haven’t read my review, click here to read it now.

Not only is Rachelle beautiful, talented and a gifted writer, she is funny too. She has so much great information on her blog rachellewrites. Be sure to take a look!

Here’s my interview with Rachelle.

Wendy: What inspired you wo write Wrong Number?

Rachelle: I wanted to enter a chapter into the first chapter contest at LDStorymakers in 2007. I came up with the first chapter of Wrong Number, it won second place, and then I went on to write the rest of the novel.

Wendy: What books and other authors have influenced your writing. Do you have a favorite author or book?

Rachelle: I read a variety of books from children to YA to adult. I really like a good romance, but nothing too detailed. I love romantic suspense! (haha) Sometimes I go through phases, so I don’t have a certain author or book… I love Agatha Christie, Shannon Hale, Clair Poulson, Mitch Albom, and many more too. You can check out my goodreads. A favorite book of mine is Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart.

Wendy: Do you like to use an outline, or write by the seat of your pants?

Rachelle: For Wrong Number, I did have a very rough outline I used and was able to talk through a lot of ideas with my brother and his wife. I am trying to do better with outlining and I think it has helped me with my current projects. My outlines aren’t set in stone, more like jumping off points for how I want my story to go.

Wendy: Where do you get your story ideas?

Rachelle: New stories come to me like a tickle in my brain, much like you said your baking recipes come to you in your dreams sometimes. I think…. hummm… that could make an interesting story if… I’ve also too been inspired by my dreams. So the ideas seem to come from all over at any time of day, whether it’s at night right before bed with a sentance popping into my head. I just have to make sure I don’t forget them!

Wendy: What’s next for you?

Rachelle: I’ve got a few things I’m working on besides this lauch for Wrong Number. I just finished an inspirational romance called Wind Song, which I love! I also have my WIP called, Caller ID. We’ll have to see what’s next on the docket!

Thanks Rachelle! I am certainly looking forward to many more great novels to come from you! Happy Reading & Happy baking!

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