Yummy Wedding cupcakes…

 Posted by at 5:00 pm on March 7, 2010
Mar 072010

In January, I had the privlege to make some wedding cupcakes for a great couple! Scott and Rachelle are so fun, so young, and starting their life together! Their reception was magical, the atmosphere was incredible, the food, well delicious- I’m not just saying that because I am partial. There was some other things besides my cupcakes.

Scott insisted on having the Root Beer Float cupcakes, and with some convincing of his bride and nephew, we came to the decision of the R.B F cupcakes along with Key Lime Pie & Black Forrest- yummy. Here are some photos taken by Jill Oaks Photography– thanks Jill!
There were labels and so many tiers with fabric wrapped in between. The buffet table was beautiful. 🙂
It was a great experience for me. Glad I could have been part of it! Happy Baking!

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