A Pinkalicious Birthday!

 Posted by at 1:00 pm on April 24, 2010
Apr 242010

When I asked my daughter what she wanted for her birthday, she said, “Pink dolly, pink cupcakes, pink dresses, pink boa.” I said, are you sure you want everything pink?” She answered they way any 4 year old little princess would, and said, “yes, I do!”

So I went all out. PINK was everywhere- pink and magenta balloons, pink necklaces for each little girl, ( NO boys aloud!) And of course Pink cupcakes- all 35 of them. Most everyone wore pink, except my husband, and it was adorable. I read the book Pinkalicious to the girls before we started… and some of them told their mothers they might turn pink from eating pink cupcakes too!And adorable story that includes cupcakes… a must read. This party reminded me of Shelby’s wedding on Steel Magnolias- like a pig exploded! I am in trouble when she gets married… hopefully at least in 20 more years.

She loved every minute, until she took a bite of her cupcake, and frowned. “I don’t like it!” She went back to playing with her friends and new toys. Oh, well. You can’t win them all. At least the party was PINK!

(My birthday girl in the pink tutu!)

Happy Baking!

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  1. That’s adorable. I think I will have to do a pinkalicious birthday party for one of my girls sometime! We love that book.

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