Cookbook Review… Centsible Meals by Lorae Bowden

 Posted by at 1:00 pm on April 4, 2010
Apr 042010

Now that I’ve established what my favorite things to do are, like reading, cooking and baking, one thing I can’t seem to get enough of are cookbooks. I collect them. I have 2 shelves in my kitchen dedicated to my cookbook collection. I can’t bare to part with any of them. And even though I have this rather large collection, when I see another cookbook that I need, I tend to purchase it.

Which is why book signings that I am involved in, sometimes aren’t good for me. I have met some great authors, and when there is a cookbook, I simply can’t resist buying it.

That was the case when I met Lorae Bowden several weeks ago. I snatched up her book, after visiting with her for some 2 hours at our book tour with the Orem Barnes & Noble. I picked her brain, asked her advice, and proceeded to take a sneak peak at her book now and then when time permitted. Of course, I couldn’t put it back when it was time to leave, I simply had her sign it and took it home.

After all, who doesn’t want to reduce their bills each month? It seems that sometimes my “food” budget can out grow the rest of the bills. I am open to any and all suggestions in how to simplify and be “centsible” with my meal planning and grocery shopping.

I love good food, and to me preparing a meal that my family loves and will eat, especially when the cost is not great is true bliss.

I read this cookbook from cover to cover. In one evening….. I couldn’t put it down. Lorae has so much great information that she shares with us…. and she does each and every one in her own family- she has 7 kids, and her husband is in graduate school. This woman knows how to budget and is successful.

Centsible Meals: HOw to Feed Your Family for Less, will tell you how to:
– Save Money with ingredient savvy
– Realize power- buying techniques
– Make simple recipes that will satisfy picky eaters
– Experience the joy of growing your own food (that means a garden of some kind)
– Learn dozens of tips for planning, paying for, and cooking meals

There are even several great recipes included in this book, that’s why I put it in my cookbook catagory.

I have used her Monthly menu ideas to plan meals for my family, and although I am only 2 weeks into it, I have found it to be greatly successful.

I made Turkey Lentil Chili (I’ll post my recipe at a later date) and doubled the recipe, which in reality made 3 meals for our family of 5. I have very big eaters at my house…. The first night we had the Turkey Lentil Chili with corn bread. The second meal was Navajo Tacos. And the third meal was several days later, we had Beans and Rice. No one suspected it was leftovers, and because it froze well, it seemed as though I had made these great meals from scratch, when in fact, my time was less in the kitchen because of the preperation I had done at that first meal.

Whatever your food budget is for the month, or regardless of how much money you can spend, I highly recommend this book. It can save you money, just like it has started to save me money.

If you are interested in this book, click here or visit Lorae’s website for more information. Happy Baking!

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  1. Wendy – I’m just like you – I can’t pass up a cookbook. My favorite is the D.I. – lots of good cookbooks for cheap. I will have to check out the Centsable Meals cookbook – Thanks!!

  2. Thanks, I can’t pass up a good cookbook either. I love how you “read” it in one night. My family laughs at me when I get caught up “reading” a cookbook. I’m going to have to check this one out.

  3. My husband works at UVU and said he saw you today signing books and since it was cookies, he knew I’d like it and wondered if I knew who you were. Sadly, I don’t, but I bake and blog, too. Will be adding you to my reader and will have to check out your books!

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