Are you up for a little dance with the devil?

I am going to talk about another experience with the Pioneer Woman Cooks, my new BFF in the kitchen.

I made the chocolate sheet cake, and seriously, it was crazy good. You can’t have enought with just one piece, but realizing there is 1 pound of butter in the entire cake, frosting and all, my husband almost fell over and grabbed his heart when he found out how much butter was in this cake…. I scolded him and said, “don’t ask such things! Just eat it and be grateful!” I love that the Pioneer Woman loves butter… it’s real and did I mention delicious? I could just kiss her for giving me these recipes!

My son literally ate half of the sheet pan of cake. I had to hide it in my microwave- luckily my new Pampered Chef bar pan fit. (Shhhh! Don’t tell my family that is my “Sweets” hiding place.) Works like a charm every time, the microwave does.

Ethan finishing off his 4th piece

I thought I’d share these photos, I love that my family eats what I am making. Time to go exercise off those pieces of cake I ate… I will NOT tell you how many. But I will be walking from now until Christmas to work off the calories. Or go dance with the devil.

Happy Baking & walking!

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  1. I made that recipe a couple of weeks ago because I was craving cake. It was DIVINE! I made myself invite the neighbors and their kids over so I wouldn’t eat the whole pan myself.

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