Have I lost my mind?

So, another signing has come and gone, and I didn’t leave Kings English Bookshop empty handed. Of course I bought another cookbook. I simply couldn’t resist. Not to mention that I was signing my book in the same room with other cookbooks, the best of the best surrounding me. Gardening books, were there too, but I had to limit myself to one this time. After all, staying on a budget is the hardest thing for me to do. And I WILL conquer this weakness.

This cookbook is rather special. I have been an avid baker and cooker for the longest time. I admire those who have written cookbooks, and those who will share their best recipes with me.

But I stumbled upon a signed copy of The Pioneer Woman– by Ree Drummond… long after she appeared in Salt Lake City for her book tour last fall, which I missed because I was busily signing copies of my own book- not that she would know or care…. anyway, I was instantly in love. I came home with my book in hand, got into my pj’s and started to read…. and read… and read. I finished the whole book that very night- what else was I to do? The U2 concert had been cancelled.

I made my grocery list and checked it twice. I was off with said list in hand, wallet in the other. I was a girl on a mission, ready to feed her family “down-home cooking.”

I simply can’t get enough. I’ve made:

Simple, Perfect Enchiladas– My husband was in heaven and did exactly as I asked. He even did the dishes by himself (without being asked)!
Potato-Leek Pizza– WOW!
Egg-In-The-Hole– Yummy, buttery, and my son, age 6, had 4 servings. Enough said!
Beans and Cornbread– Minus the cornbread. We had the beans over our Navajo Tacos while camping. I pre-made these beans and they froze and reheated beautifully!
Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich– Lick the skillet good. Husband asked, “how much butter is in here.” Answer, “You don’t want to know.” But worth it.
Migas– A hit for dinner too, with avocado on top!
French Breakfast Puffs– Pictures below( the more pictures I took, the more I ate and there were only crumbs left.

I started with 3 muffins…

and ended up with crumbs on my plate.

And the baking and cooking will continue into next week. I am so happy and think that Ree is my new BFF. She doesn’t know it yet, but she is. Secretly, I think my husband considers her part of our family now too.

Happy Baking & Cooking!

P.S. Here’s the link to buy her cookbook on amazon.com, or visit the King’s English Bookshop- 1511 South 1500 East, Sugarhouse- For you local’s of course. Be sure to tell them hi from the Cupcake Lady!

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