Why I am not baking- Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1, here’s the link.

If you have, then we will start off in the middle of that story with this event… the night before hubby flies to Canada on business and leaves me carless (van scheduled to go into the shop) and now WATERLESS too!

I always put the house to “bed” before I go to bed- I sleep better and the house looks nice in the morning. I’ve done this for years. Sometimes hubby helps too. Anyway, hubby is downstairs checking the locks on the doors and turning off the kitchen light, when he yells- “NOOOOO!!!”

I come running downstairs to find both of my sinks filled with crummy looking water, rising slowly. The dishwasher is on. Great. Turn off dishwasher and start plunging. And plunging. And plunging. And 45 minutes later, the water is worse than before we started. I call my trusty dad- a plumber’s son. Who knows a lot of tricks and can usually help me out of disasters such as this one. He’s already given me his car to drive until mine comes out of the shop- as long as I don’t drive down “that” street! J/K. He was teasing me too.

He show’s up just after 10 pm and we get to work, trying to unclog this drain from the inside out… plunging, using the hose… nothing is working. After 1 1/2 hours, some flooding, and no success, we quit and agreed to start up the next morning.

Ahhh, the morning. Do things happen in threes? I sure hope not this week. Hubby goes off to airport at o’dark thirty- and then gets bumped to 1st class and a later flight… grrrrr. Note: to any men that read this. Do not call your wives and tell them you are going to fly first class to a destination, away from all the troubles of the home. Especially when they are suck at home with a major clog, fearing hundreds of dollars in plumbing fees and a deductible from a hen flying into their car!

After working another few hours on the clog, and getting the hose stuck on the roof- apparently the suction of the clog was so great that it sucked the hose in- my dad felt it slip from his hands and then get stuck- it’s really bad when your dad says, “CRRAAAPPPP” while on your roof.

Dad calls his great plumber- who is a wealth of knowledge before attempting anything further- there should be something we can do, right? I went to the grocery store and bought frozen meals- I know, YUCK! Which reminded me why I don’t buy those kinds of meals. 1) They taste bad, and 2) They are really expensive. I got enought for 3 days of meals without using my kitchen sink. And paper goods- because the dishwasher was out of commission too. This was turning out to be longer than I thought.

Did you know that dish soap is a great way to lubricate pipes when something is stuck? Like your garden hose? In you vent on your roof? Imagine that. I learned that trick from the help of Scott- my dad’s plumber friend. After dumping 2 cups of liquid dish soap down the vent, prayer, and some wiggling and tugging, the hose came unhooked! We were shouting with joy! Now, back to the clog.

At Home Depot, they sell these hose bladders which help you to unclog your sinks. For under $10, we thought we should try it. Our very last attempt before breaking down and calling in the tough guys.

In the hose goes, through the kitchen and equipped with the bladder, we try this again, with me outside, listening to the water… First time doesn’t work- water stops moving through the pipes, but then goes up the vent- yes, the dish soap is still in there- yes, there are now bubbles rising from my roof. I am like the witch house on the block. Too bad the photo doen’t turn out. Just imaging a large bubble maching on a roof. Cool.

Back to Home Depot to buy a $5 plug for vent. Note to self: I need to buy stock in Home Depot. Ok- last attempt for real this time. Scott said it could take 1-2 times with the plug for it to work. First time, nothing. Hose backs up with water. Clog not going anywhere. I am beginning to think this clog is the size of Texas. Second time, Hallelujah! Water is running at full speed from the pipes to the main pipes ( which are all horizontal-crazy builder, even I know that is really BAD) out to the street. We let it run for 8 minutes to clear the line.

3 days without water= reason why I am not baking.