Why I can’t lose weight

I’ve figured out by now that I will never be a size 6, and don’t really want to be. I can’t stop baking and cooking for anything, and you have to eat what you bake. I don’t think I’d ever try a recipe where the chef didn’t eat what he/she made. That’s just plain ridiculous.

All I know is if I couldn’t treat myself to a “cupcake” or a “cookie” I wouldn’t be happy. It’s not the size that matters, really. It’s what you eat in the “meantime.” Like egg white omelets, and healthy vegetables strait from my garden. Even an occasional healthy cookie.

And the fact that I get myself to exercise now and then… with more “nows” than “thens.” I have started working in my yard every morning for 1 hour before I start my day. I am loving the quiet- what mom wouldn’t and burning some calories while doing things that need to be done.

How do you stay in shape?

Happy baking!

One Reply to “Why I can’t lose weight”

  1. It’s hard, but worth it. I love eating sweets, but I have to counterbalance with at least an hour of exercise every day. It’s easier to work out when I have a goal in mind, which is usually a race. Good luck, but keep baking awesome food!

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