These are a few of my favorite ice creams…

 Posted by at 1:00 pm on July 11, 2010
Jul 112010

I usually hide the ice cream behind the frozen chicken breasts. That way, the kids don’t have ice cream for breakfast- and of course I am the hero when I pull a carton out for a quick, yummy dessert! These are a few of my favorite ice creams….

Tilamook Rocky Road

Rich chocolate ice cream dressed up with mini marshmallows and almonds. That’s right – almonds. Our special twist to a traditional favorite.

Dryers Girl Scout flavors- any one of them!

The Girl Scout special editions are available January thru April. These flavors are such a special treat. Part of the proceeds go to the Girl Scouts.

Also from Dryers…

The best slow churned ice cream out there! Chocolate Chip Mint. Low fat/low calorie.

Happy Eating!

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