Where is my dish fairy?

After baking and baking- it seems like non stop for the last 2 years, I started reflecting on the amount of dishes I have done. I can imaging my dirty dishes lined up along I-80 stretching from Salt Lake City to San Francisco- with more to spare. Where is my dish fairy?

Years ago, I was on bedrest during the spring and mentioned to a great friend that I was sad I couldn’t enjoy planting pansies- my favorite flower. Then to my surprise, I had a plethera of planted pansies in my yard! What a joyous memory for me. She will forever be known as my flower fairy. It’s the small and simple things that matter the most.

A friend of mine eats on paper plates a lot, I’ve thought of that too. When my water/sink in my kitchen was out of commission, I used paper and plastic everything for 3 days. It was heavenly. I just can’t seem to justify it- feeling all guilty about the landfill and how I contribute to it.

For now, I will dream of a dish fairy to help me with my mountains of dirty dishes… and I will strive to keep my counter and sink clean. After all, when your sink and counter are clean, it makes your whole kitchen look great!

Happy baking & dish cleaning!