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 Posted by at 1:00 pm on September 6, 2010
Sep 062010
(Gluten-Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie, 101 Gourmet Cookies for Everyone)
Cookies have been around since the 7th Century A.D. One of the first countries to cultivate sugar and make sweet cakes and cookies was Persia (now Iran). Which then spread throughout Europe, the Meditteranean, Spain and Asia. Can you imagine the delight to everyones taste buds when they experienced the sweetness of sugar?
In 1933 Ruth Wakefield invented the Chocolate Chip cookie… we should all take a moment to thank her for her baking inspiration. And since then the state of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have made the chocolate chip cookie their state cookie.
The Nabisco plant in Chicago produced 16 billion Oreo cookies in 1995. Can you even imagine?
And, over 2 billion cookies a year are consumed by the United States, which calculates to approx. 300 cookies per person annually. Yeah, that’s a lot of cookies. I think for me, this last year is an exception to this statistic. I ate approx. 1,000 cookies to make sure each recipe was perfect. Maybe that explains the 10 lbs. I’ve gained… but well worth it.
Happy Baking!

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