I’m baking with Chef Bryan!

 Posted by at 11:53 pm on December 12, 2010
Dec 122010

I simply can not lie. This week starts off with a great event. Not only do I get to bake for a tv segment, but I get to bake with Chef Bryan Woolley!

Tune in on Tuesday, December 14th at Noon on KUTV (local channel 2) and see me bake the Candy Cane Cupcakes in honor of National Cupcake Day, December 15th!

And be sure to click on this enchilada recipe I saw last week…. and made! It was divine! 🙂

Happy baking everyone!

P.S. I am a Woolley, too…. I just need to find out how we are related- Sounds like a good family history assignment for my spare time.

  3 Responses to “I’m baking with Chef Bryan!”

  1. How fun! I used to take classes from him at Kitchen Kneads in Logan when we lived there. He’s such a nice guy. That’s wonderful you get to do a segment with him. I hope you’ll post the link to the segment, we don’t have tv and I’d love to see it.

  2. How exciting! I’ll definitely be watching, good luck!

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