Making the Perfect Cookie….

Valerie Phillips from the Deseret News interviewed me about a week ago. I gave her all of my favorite baking tips for cookies….. and some of my favorite recipes to share- here’s the article.

Are you doing a cookie swap? Do you have any tips to share with me?

Happy Holiday Baking!

4 Replies to “Making the Perfect Cookie….”

  1. I liked your baking tips!

    I hosted a cookie swap several years ago in our neighborhood, and only 3 people came, including me! It was still fun, but I had never been to a cookie swap, and I had no idea what I was doing. I just made up an arbitrary number of cookies to bring, and we divided them among whoever showed up.
    It would have been smart to commit a certain number of people to come, and have them bring that many dozens or 1/2 dozens, already packaged. Ah well, live and learn!

  2. The Candy Cane Brownies caught my eye in the Deseret News article. I was just a little unsure of the 1/2 cup flour – is this correct or a misprint?

    Thanks for all the great tips!

  3. Yes 1/2 cup of flour is correct. It will bake up extra fudgy…. if you like your brownies more “cake-like” add another 1/2 cup of flour. 🙂

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