Countdown to the photoshoot

 Posted by at 2:00 pm on January 24, 2011
Jan 242011

Is this a dream I am living? I go from one project to the next, barely having time to breathe. I was totally excited for the photoshoot, especially when I booked Marielle’s flight. But now, well there is only a little over 2 weeks and counting before D-Day. I’m getting a little nervous. Thank goodness I have Marielle I can count on. There isn’t a picure I haven’t loved that she has taken. (No pressure Marielle, I promise). She is a blessing to me. And the book wouldn’t be what it is without her talent.

I’ve started baking, and freezing these little cake bites, labeling each and every Zip-lock baggie. Thank goodness for Zip-lock!

I have 54 recipes of the 101 to showcase, and I hope and pray that the little pieces of heaven will show their best side and the pics will turn out wonderfully.

The release date is August, and the send off date is mid- April.

I am looking forward to a little get-away with my hubby to San Francisco. A much needed break- even if I am working the entire time for his job. I may want to sneak away and head up to Napa (where I grew up) for an afternoon. Sounds delightful!

Back to baking and freezing, and labeling.

Happy Photoshoot!

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