What’s for dinner this week?

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Feb 282011
What's for dinner this week?

I believe that dinnertime is one of the best times to be together as a family. A large dinner, or a complicated dinner doesn’t’ have to be on the menu. Just something that will satisfy your taste buds, fit in with your schedule and be done on time. I personally like to mix up the […]

A new cupcake truck in Salt Lake City

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Feb 272011

That’s right- it’s new to town, and it’s a cupcake truck. So Cupcake has brought their great cupcakes to a truck… but don’t get me wrong. I still think some of the best cupcakes you can eat are made in your own kitchen… using 101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Mintues. In my humble opinion, of […]

A few of my favorite things…..

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Feb 262011
A few of my favorite things.....

I wanted to share some of my favorite things in my kitchen right now. Some have to do with cooking and baking, but my top favorite thing is the last picture. Making good food with the people you love. My red ceramic dutch oven. Heavenly. The flat top cooking stove, makes cleaning up my messes […]

Because I love you…

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Feb 242011

I am willing to share one of my favorite new blogs– and a fantastic Downeast Basics giveaway. Hurry, you only have until this Sunday. The lucky winner will be announced on Monday. I love the Funky Vintage Kitchen. Go here for details and to enter. Happy Baking!

I don’t know what to do with myself.

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Feb 232011

I don’t have a deadline in sight…. well at least until next month? What do I do? I have some spare time and no baking to be done….. no deadlines to meet…. no freezer full of cake bites to decorate? I made a list of things I want to do (like a year ago), maybe […]

Cooking Class tonight

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Feb 222011

I’ll be teaching tonight at the Pleasant Grove Macey’s Little Theatre. Making Malfatti’s and a Classic Marinara Sauce. Class starts at 7 pm- it will be a blast! 🙂 Happy Baking!

Is too much chocolate a bad thing?

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Feb 212011
Is too much chocolate a bad thing?

Chocolate. I believe I need a chocolate intervention. Did you know that you can get a chocolate hangover? Well, I found out, after having a “Chocolate Appreciation Night” with my church ladies….. my friends & we all realized we have more in common than we think. Besides the love of chocolate, of course, there is […]

I need a pantry intervention

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Feb 202011

After seeing this segment on Studio 5 with organization expert Kelly Pratt, I am totally going to tackle this problem I’ve been having with my pantry. The more things I purchase for photoshoots, recipe creations, and my family meals, the more “things” and chaos pour out of the pantry when I open the door. And […]

I believe in retail therapy

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Feb 192011
I believe in retail therapy

I am sharing with you, my friends, my latest non-baking project. I firmly believe in retail therapy, especially when you are in the process of writing a cookbook, negotiating a contract, tv appearances, and baking classes. Not to mention a full photoshoot…. My hubby and I have re-done, well I should be honest… I have […]