I am mourning my Kitchen Aid

I am like most of you, and if you are reading this blog, there is a connection. I am grateful for each and everyone of you who read, comment and give me suggestions when my brain is too tired to work.

I have gotten extreemly attached to my red Kitchen Aid. She is my favorite friend in the kitchen. She has been with me thru thick and thin batters and doughs, every day giving me successes in the baking world, and making all of our tummies satisfied.

I got her for my birthday almost 7 years ago from my husband and I have made a point to use it at least once a day. Most days I succeed, and on the days I don’t, cooking and baking aren’t the same.

She has helped me make 3 successful cookbooks, mixing over 500 batches of cupcakes, 250 batches of cookies, 800 batches of butter cream frosting, and now another 250 batches of cake bites…… How do you say goodbye to someone who has been through all of that with you?

For Christmas, my sweetheart bought me a new Kitchen Aid mixer, but he is black. Somehow it’s just not the same. I refuse to use it yet, because somehow I fear I will be shunned by the red one, who is hanging on by a string. She is worn down, tired and ready to be retired. She has lost several gears, and it will cost more to repair her than get a new one. (That is why he surprised me with a new one.) However, I am still using her every day, working with what she is giving me. I think I will use her until she breathes her last breath.

I know I am being crazy, and that is known to happen from time to time. But I am asking for a moment of silence to say “thanks” to a great friend. One who has been by my side every of my baking journey.

To my favorite mixer- I love you and will always remember you. I will miss you when you are gone.


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  1. That is definitely the worst! Some nic-nacs are just so good to all of us. But, give “him” a chance, he will change your mind! 😉 LOL

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