I can’t feel my toes….

After being on my feet for countless hours the last few days, I can feel my toes. They are numb. I may have to visit my chiropractor for some relief.

But, the photos are beautiful… and I am excited to share some raw footage… my basic photography skills at work.
Very basic. Remember, I was in a hurry, and was more focused on the cake bites looking perfect, and Marielle Hayes (my awesome photographer) being kept busy…. and we were busy. For 5 hours…. a constant 5 hours. I had some great visitors and some “support staff” attend the event as well.

My beautiful mother… brought us lunch and came to give me a hug….

Marielle doing what she does best…. she did eat the French Toast cake bite…. “it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten.” I didn’t even bribe her to say that. Honest.

This is part of my “goodies” stash. It represents most of what went on top or inside of the cake bites…. if you need any kind of edible glitter, non-pareils, candy corn, or cookies, I know that I have it. I think my grocery store thinks this is all that I feed my family.

My 7 year old took this picture. It’s his favorite tray of “done” cake bites. He walked around the house, copying Marielle… and was quite proud of the outcome…. some of the cake bites in this pic are… Cookies and Cream, Pralines and Cream, A Rockier Road, Spooky Eyes, New York Cheesecake, Caramel Apple, Nanaimo Brownie, French Toast…. just to name a few.

I need to say some thank yous-
Thank you Alison & little GG- you are an inspiration and I am glad that I have you in my corner…. And for Mary… my baking assistant. I’m sure your arms are sore, but you are a trooper, staying to the very end! To Liz, for coming and sharing ideas, and showing me support from Cedar Fort… make sure some cake bites get back to the office. I told Jennifer to expect some. My parents from coming to bring some much needed non-sugar lunch, and to give me a hug and wipe away the tears of pure exhaustion, and my hubby for calling to see how things were going…. even though I wasn’t patient on the phone. And then for the dozens of you who graciously took upon yourselves the responsibility of eating the remaining 1,003 cake bites for me. THANK YOU!!!
And most of all Marielle… I hope we will have many more projects with each other. I love working with you. And it’s an honor to have you in my kitchen, at least once a year.
Happy Baking & Resting!

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  1. Wendy, my dear. The pleasure is always MINE!!! I LOVE working with you, being in your kitchen & most of all-sampling your tasty creations while taking the photos! I hope we have many, many more days in your kitchen together! 🙂

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