Is too much chocolate a bad thing?

 Posted by at 2:00 pm on February 21, 2011
Feb 212011

Chocolate. I believe I need a chocolate intervention. Did you know that you can get a chocolate hangover? Well, I found out, after having a “Chocolate Appreciation Night” with my church ladies….. my friends & we all realized we have more in common than we think. Besides the love of chocolate, of course, there is laughing, jokes and a little bit of crazy behavior when we are taken away from our husbands and children.

Then teaching 2 classes about the “Smore Cupcake” from 101 Gourmet Cupcakes at the RV show this last weekend. Two words: Chocolate overload.

How do you fix a chocolate hangover? One friend suggested more chocolate. One friend said Advil and a nap. Can you really fix a chocolate hangover?


There is even a book on how chocolate came to be? A complete history of Chocolate?

Gather your kids around the screen to see some fun things about chocolate. It will be an educating experience.

Here’s a link to Hershey’s website to see how the cocoa bean turns into a candy bar. Fascinating.

Another factory tour here.

And finally, what is chocolate?
Happy Baking & Chocolate Eating!

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