Why I’m not baking- Part 3

Why I’m not baking. Simple. I’m tired from the photoshoot. I need a baking vacation.

While resting, I recently came across 5 must haves (I saw it on the Nate Berkus Show) for your home…… I was glad to say that I had most of them. These 5 items are great to have in every room, living areas especially. I’m wondering if the same rules apply to your kitchen? That is where I spend most of my time.

And since I’m not baking at the moment- I am taking a break, this is another passion I thought I’d share. Decorating. Decorating on a budget, really.

1. Mirror- Brings the light in, makes the room seem bigger, brighter, etc. Can range in all sizes and shapes.
2. Books- good to read, have on hand for guests to read.

3. Nature- Bring the outdoors in. Creates calm and peace. (Something I need in my home, how about you?)

4. Silver picture frames or any frames (with photos of your family). Silver is timeless, classic. Never looks cheap or goes out of style. (I have black frames, but I like them just fine and won’t be switching them out). Silver picture frames are also a perfect wedding, graduation, or birthday gift.

5. Original artwork or sculpture- unique touches. Thoughful and sofisticated and you can spend from $5 to $500. I found a ceramin bird (not this one) for $8 and love it…. it didn’t break my budget and looks amazing in my family room.

Happy Decorating!