Exteme Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Mar 302011

Holy cow- I would have to say that I may try some of these ideas, however there are some that I won’t try. Go here for the pics and a little more about the cookies. Happy Baking!

The Cake Fu Master Series

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Mar 292011

For those of you interested in webinars- regarding cakes, cake decorating, and learning from the Masters of Cakes, go here. I came across this website, dedicated to teaching and sharing everything about cakes, cake decorating and recipes. Why not learn from the best of the best? I am happy to share this with you, the […]

A few of my favorite things…

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Mar 272011
A few of my favorite things...

This group of favorite things came to mind while I slept one night. Then I thought about them again yesterday. Seems as though when I have a favorite thing, that I repeatedly use and love, I think about them all the time. 1. Fresh baked cookies. Nothing tastes better warm than a freshly baked cookie, […]

Happy National Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese Day!

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Mar 262011

Happy National Macaroni & Cheese Day! I featured this recipe a while ago, and I am going to remind us all about it. Go here to view my version of Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese, kid approved. It makes so much, you can have some for leftover night, or send some to work with your hubby. […]

The “Perfect” Kids Playhouse

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Mar 242011

The only bad thing about this adorable idea, is that it didn’t come in November as the days started to get cold. It came in the spring, as we are all starting to head outdoors. I am sending my kids outside more and more each week- sometime with only a light sweater on. Yippee! But, […]

The Congressional Club Cookbook

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Mar 232011
The Congressional Club Cookbook

While browsing thru a cute little consignment shop with my friend Miranda, I came across this Congressional Club Cookbook. It seriously called to me- “Wendy, you need me in your collection.” Then I saw this one… One has a foreward from Mrs. John F Kennedy, and the other with a foreward from Mrs. Lyndon B […]

Anatomy of a Cupcake

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Mar 222011
Anatomy of a Cupcake

I found this on the Cupcake Activist’s website. I had to share, because I too loved it. It’s a little pricy for my checkbook, but maybe I can justify it. Go here to place your order. Happy Baking!

What’s for dinner this week?

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Mar 212011

Themes. I’m digging themes. So I am going to theme this week “Slow-cooker” week. Every recipe is slow-cooker ready. And some weeks, every night needs to be slow-cooker night. Ever have one of those weeks? Happy Dinnertime! Happy Baking! 1- Salsa Chicken & Rice2- White Grape Juice Chicken & Buttered Noodles with peas3- Green Chili […]

How to make chocolate curls……

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Mar 202011
How to make chocolate curls......

Have you ever wondered how to make chocolate curls? They are great for gourmet decorating, and take only a few minutes to prepare, cool and curl. Here’s a link to some easy instructions. Go ahead and top your next cupcake with a pretty chocolate flower. How pretty would that be? Happy Baking!

Cupcake Swirl…. sweet, chic and unique.

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Mar 192011

Have you ever come across Cupcake Swirl in your quest for cute cupcake accessories? There variety is very cute, fun and sassy- I personally like their featured items, more specifically their Spring Greaseproof Baking cups. No one wants a greasy looking cupcake liner. I would highly recommend visiting the site and checking out all her […]