A few of my favorite things…

 Posted by at 1:00 pm on March 27, 2011
Mar 272011

This group of favorite things came to mind while I slept one night. Then I thought about them again yesterday. Seems as though when I have a favorite thing, that I repeatedly use and love, I think about them all the time.

1. Fresh baked cookies. Nothing tastes better warm than a freshly baked cookie, right out of the oven. In this photo, it’s the Chocolate Chip Pudding cookie from 101 Gourmet Cookies for Everyone (p.18)

2. My large round baking stone. I use this stone almost daily, really. It’s seasoned just right, makes the best cookies and bread- my biscuits taste better when made on this stone too. I’ve had it since my wedding, and love, love, love it to pieces…. maybe I shouldn’t say that. It’s in perfect condition. Knock on wood.

3. Folded laundry. How many loads of laundry to you fold each and every week? Last week I counted…. 16. When the laundry is folded and put away, it makes my heart sing. Especially when I can then rest for a day, until the loads pile up again. I try to do several loads each day, and when I am successful- the laundry gets put away faster. It’s only when I wait an entire week in between the loads- because I am too busy, that the laundry piles up. And I can spend 2 days getting thru each and every pile. Here’s to clean laundry folded and put away!

4. Finding something on sale that you wanted. I love retail therapy- one thing you already know about me. But what I love even more, is finding the item that you wanted, but passed on purchasing the 1st time you saw it- and it’s now on sale! That’s when I know that it’s meant to be.

Happy Baking!

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