I love secrets.

 Posted by at 2:00 pm on March 5, 2011
Mar 052011
(Smoked Spanish Paprika from MySpiceSage.com)

I found this new (well not really new, but new to me!) website that sells the best spices….. my friend Ann has been using it for quite some time and can’t seem to say enough about it. Her dinners are amazing and she swears it’s the spices she has been getting from MySpiceSage.com. Ann even had to order a larger spice rack to fit all the spices in she has been purchasing.
What intrigued me the most, is that they email you with incredible deals every now and then. Some are even ” FREE with your order.”
My favorite so far, Spanish smoky paprika. Oh, the recipes I can make with this. My mouth is watering.
The best bonus of ordering their spices, is they give you recipes ideas that you can use with the particular spice. If you want to try a spice, but don’t know what to do, simply click on the recipe section and there you go!
Happy Baking!

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