Kara’s Cupcakes and San Francisco

 Posted by at 1:00 pm on April 5, 2011
Apr 052011

I had the pleasure of taking a much needed break and traveling with my hubby to San Francisco on his business trip. A beautiful and romantic city, unless it is raining cats and dogs. Well, it’s still beautiful and romantic, you are just wearing rain coats, rain boots, and fighting with your umbrellas in the wind and rain. We did laugh a lot, and play, and managed to work a little too….

When I learned I’d be going to the Bay Area with Brian, I quickly emailed the Cupcake Activist and asked her opinion on the best cupcake bakeries. She is the one I trust, and if I am going to spend $3.25 for a gourmet cupcake, I want it to be the best.

So she recommended Kara’s Cupcakes… in Ghiradelli Square. Which was close to all the places we were planning on sight seeing. Perfect. Brian just laughed when I said I was mapping all the cupcake locations to visit. “Does everything have to revolve around cupcakes?” he asked. And my reply was yes, yes, and yes.

Here is my hubby, braving the wind and rain, taking a look across the bay. We visited Pier 39 and stayed a whole 45 minutes in the wind, rain and cold, and there was no way we’d take the ferry across to Alcatraz, we decided to venture to Ghiradelli Square and see Kara’s Cupcakes. At least it would be dry and warm inside.

Upon entering Kara’s Cupcakes, I was greeted with PINK everywhere and cupcakes that looked amazing, delicious, and ready to be eaten.

It was hard to decide which cupcakes to buy, but after deliberation, the conclusion was Meyer Lemony Lemon, Passion Fruit, and Chocolate Velvet. We took them back to the hotel and I hosted a cupcake tea party and invited Brian’s co-workers to come and taste with us. After all, it’s more fun to share good food with good friends.

The favorite was the Passion Fruit cupcake. Simple sweet vanilla cupcake with passion fruit filling and a delicious frosting. Hands down. The Chocolate Velvet was to die for, but a little dry for my taste…. and the Lemon was sweet and tart. Just the perfect amount of lemon flavor.

So, it was worth the $3.25 for each cupcake to have the experience of a great cupcake bakery, but I did realize that my gourmet cupcakes are just as good…. which I already knew- but was reminded of. And you can make a whole batch for under $8. I am in the process of making a passion fruit and lemon meringue cupcake… I love getting cupcake inspiration!

Happy Baking!

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  1. I’m so glad that you liked Kara’s Cupcakes as much as I did. They are delicious!

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