Rett’s Spring Fling, Cookies and Cupcakes

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Apr 152011

A little information about Rett’s Spring Fling. To donate or purchase a ticket or two or three go here. I have donated both books and a batch of cupcakes and cookies! May the highest bid win these lucky gifts.

Dear Friend,
On April 16, 2011, we will be hosting the 2nd Annual Rett Spring Fling to benefit the International Rett Syndrome Foundation and MeCP2 Duplication disorders. We want to take a moment and thank you for your continued support! When our families each became involved with the planning of this event the world of Rett syndrome was very new to all of us. Isabelle Knowlton and Benjamin Peterson were both 5 years old when we decided to take on this adventure.

In TEN years remarkable progress has been made in the search for treatments and a cure for Rett syndrome – and we have YOU to thank!

Here are a few highlights from the last decade:
• Rett syndrome is Reversible (2007) – Dr. Adrian Bird’s landmark discovery in 2007 proved that Rett syndrome is reversible. This groundbreaking study provided scientific “proof of principle” and ignited the research community with new fervor.
• “Research to Reality” Campaign (2009) – IRSF launched its first major gift campaign in 2009 with the goal of doubling the size of its annual research budget and eventually bringing its research funding pool to over $5M annually by 2012.
• Propelling Research beyond the Lab (2010) – IRSF recognizes that there is an urgent need to move scientific discoveries from the laboratory to the patient. In 2010 the ANGEL and HEART awards were created in order to specifically fund cutting edge translational research. IRSF is on track to spend more on research in 2010 than ever before and is developing a strategic research plan which will serve as a road map to developing medicines to be tested in clinical trials.
• Human Clinical Trials Begin in Boston (2010) – This fall, Children’s Hospital Boston, in conjunction with researchers and scientists at MIT, began a promising clinical trial aimed to improve – and possibly even reverse – the progressive course of Rett syndrome.

IRSF is at a pivotal moment in time. We are poised and ready to take the next crucial step in finding a cure and treatments for Rett syndrome. Past, present and future donors will play a central and direct role in reaching our goals.

Please consider helping us — once again – by making a donation to our Silent Auction here in Utah. We also are seeking sponsors for this next year’s event. You have the ability to help propel research forward. Isabelle and Benjamin have grown into beautiful children. They and countless other girls and women, and a few special boys, are patiently waiting and so grateful for your efforts.
With Gratitude,

The Knowlton and Peterson Families

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