These are a few of my favorite things….

I have been spending a lot of time in my gardens. These are some of my favorite things, not in my kitchen. Dirt therapy has become my salvation. Face it, it’s cheaper than retail therapy, right? And during the heat, who wants to bake all day long anyway? Well, I still do some days 🙂

Hanging baskets have allowed me to have a bunch of color around my yard…. since owning our little Cupcake, he likes to sleep on, eat, and dig up any mound of color on the ground. Why he leaves my perennials alone, I’ll never know. But I am grateful for it.

This old wheelbarrow was my grandma’s. I treasure it. It’s my favorite color, but more importantly than that, it was hers. She used it in her garden, and I am now using it in mine. I have a beautiful garden of trailing pansies. It’s in the shade, so it should be beautiful all summer long.

The second year of raised garden boxes. We started our tomatoes mid- April with the wall-o-water. I highly recommend them. We will have tomatoes in just a couple of weeks. Can you say pico de gallo? (Notice the red tomato cages….. the color adds the right touch to the space, don’t you think?)

Miss C. Notice the snow boots. It’s 70 degrees outside, and she chooses to wear snow boots. Priceless!

Happy Gardening & Happy Baking!