Christmas In July- a month of giveaways

 Posted by at 1:00 pm on July 17, 2011
Jul 172011

I said it would be worth coming back this time…. and look what you could win.

Worldwide Ward Christmas Recipes by Deanna Buxton!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. A time for love, family, friends, and good food. Delicious food. Food that creates memories…. I love food memories. My favorite Christmas food tradition is Malfatti’s. I blogged about it last Christmas. You can see the recipe here.

So, since we are celebrating the release of 101 Gourmet Cake Bites (a mere 3 weeks away). If you like to bake and cook like me, you most likely have a large collection of cookbooks. Or at least have started your collection. I’d like to help you add to your collection.

You can’t go wrong with a whole recipe book full of Christmas inspired food! Just imagine the possibilities?

Here’s how to enter to win Deanna’s cookbook. I am giving you so many entries, it’s simply crazy. I have lost my mind again. It must have been the Fried PB&J Sandwiches I made today. A sugar high can explain most of my craziness these days.

One entry for each the following:

– Follow this blog
– Follow me on Twitter
– Like me on Facebook
– Leave a comment here and tell me about your favorite Christmas food tradition or memory.
– Follow Deanna’s blog
– Like Worldwide Ward Cookbook on Facebook
– Tell your friends about me, the contest, etc., etc.
5 Bonus entries for pre-ordering my 101 Gourmet Cake Bites book. Email me your receipt 101gourmetcupcakes(at)gmail(dot)com.

Contest ends July 19th at Midnight (MST). No exceptions, sorry.

Now, remember to leave one post for every entry… I want to make sure I get your entries correct! Good luck and be sure to check back here on July 20th at Noon- to see if you have won!!!!

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  1. I follow your blog.

  2. I follow you on facebook.

  3. My mom always makes trays of Christmas goodies to give to the neighbors: homemade fudge, caramels and frosted sugar cookies. I look forward to them every year!

  4. I follow World Wide Cookbook on facebook.

  5. I shared about the giveaway on facebook.

  6. I follow your blog.

  7. I like you on fb.

  8. My favorite Christmas tradition is making my mom’s sweet cinnamon bread. She makes it in a candy cane and I make a wreath. We eat it Christmas morning. I started making and freezing it for friends too. =)

  9. I like World Wide Cookbook on fb.

  10. I posted this giveaway on my facebook page to share with my friends.

  11. Looks like a fun cookbook.

    reklimes (at) usfamily (dot) net

  12. I follow your blog.

  13. I follow you on twitter.

  14. I like you on facebook.

  15. My mom and I have a tradition where we make Bunuelos using piloncillo the night before Christmas. They’re absolutely amazing & a great dessert.

  16. like you on facebook!

  17. I love the excuse e it gives me to bake yummy treats and try them before I give them away

  18. My Mom’s birthday is on Christmas, so every Christmas we had to sing Happy Birthday before we could open presents! Then we had lots of company because it was her birthday!

  19. I just became a new follower. Joni

  20. I make an English Toffee recipe — that was my husband’s grandma’s recipe every year — sometimes as many as 24 batches. Her name was Utahna and I only met her once, but it connects me to her and to the generations. it’s a great recipe. Joni

  21. I follow your on facebook. Joni

  22. I became a new follower of Deanna’s blog. Joni

  23. I followed World Wide Ward Cookbook on Facebook. Joni

  24. I followed you on Twitter. Joni

  25. I follow your blog. Katie L.

  26. I like you on Face Book. Katie L.

  27. I put your contest on my blog
    Katie L.

  28. My favorite Christmas tradition is to make Pizzelles. These are Danish cookies. I grew up making these w/ my Grandma and now I do it with my kids. Katie L.

  29. I like WWW cookbook on FB. Katie L.

  30. I follow Deanna’s blog publicly, Katie L.

  31. My favorite christmas tradition was after opening all our gifts and digging candy out of our stockings, my mom bought us a “special” cereal for breakfast. It was always something sugary, and expensive so we couldn’t have it all the time.

  32. I like you on FB 🙂

  33. Following this blog.

  34. Following you on Twitter.

  35. I liked you on Facebook.

  36. My Mom makes spaghetti and meatballs every Christmas. She puts jalapenos in her meatballs and sauce. It’s so good!

  37. I am following Deanna’s blog.

  38. Liked WWW cookbook on Facebook.

  39. I shared this giveaway to my friends in my due date club on facebook.

  40. I follow you on facebook.

  41. I “Like” World Wide Ward Cookbook on facebook.

  42. I follow your blog.

  43. I already “like” you on facebook!

  44. I like a lot of food at Christmas…but I LOVE the fudge! That’s the only time of year I make it!

  45. I follow Deanna’s blog via email. (I couldn’t see any other way to follow her on her blog.)

  46. Thanks everyone for your entries- the winner will be announced today at Noon! (MST)

  47. How exciting about your book! Looks darling! If I don’t win one I will definitely have to buy one!

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