Confessions & the RMC Cookbook winner announced….

 Posted by at 6:30 pm on July 6, 2011
Jul 062011

First, a confession. Remember the picture I posted of those adorable 4 th of July cupcakes with this contest? Well, they (my cupcakes) only got halfway completed. The reason why? Long story short: My youngest daughter, Miss C was attacked by a pit bull Sunday evening. Just as I was getting ready to make the cute little star cookie to top the red velvet cupcakes…. She is healing, and the damage was not as bad as it should or could have been. Her hip has some sticthes, and she won’t go outside with out me holding on to her. I honestly believe angels were watching over her. I lie awake at night watching her sleep, counting my blessings, and thanking God she will be ok. Then we lay around during the day, icing her hip and trying to keep still, so she can heal. Do you know how hard it is to keep a 5 year old still? Plus side, we have seen lots of great movies and stayed cool during the heat of this summer. I even got a nap yesterday.

Back to the cupcakes. They were still delicious cupcakes, but not near as cute in my opinion. I’ll have to make a batch for Pioneer Day (a Utah celebration on July 24th) and post a pic. See, with all of the craziness, I didn’t even get a pic of my cupcakes!

Now, on to the winner. Thank you to all who entered. It was so much fun to see what you are making for your 4th of July parties. I get a lot of my inspiration from what I see and taste. You have inspired me. I have already planned the next contest- I did after all promise a Month of Contests leading up to the release of my new cookbook, 101 Gourmet Cake Bites!

Without further delay, (drum roll please)…….. the winner of the Real Mom Kitchen cookbook by Laura Powell is:

Frank, Heidi & Family!

Congratulations! You will L.O.V.E. this cookbook. 🙂 Email me at 101gourmetcupcakes(at)gmail(dot)com. to claim your prize!

And, FYI the next contest will be announced Sunday, July 10th. Happy Baking!

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