Jul 032011

Aren’t these cute? I’d take credit for them, except I saw them here. But this is what I am making for our neighborhood BBQ. I think they are pretty adorable.

I had this great dream the other night, about having this awesome giveaway on my blog. Which totally inspired this giveaway. Here’s the scoop.

I follow this great blog, Real Mom Kitchen. Have you heard of it? Well, Laura put together this cookbook, and it’s simply amazing. Funny thing, it’s being released at the same time as 101 Gourmet Cake Bites!

I want to know what you are baking for your Fourth of July celebration! One random winner will get Laura’s new cookbook! Good luck to you all!

One entry for each of the following:

– Follow this blog publicly.
– Leave a comment about what you are baking.
– Like me on Facebook.
– Post a comment with a picture of what you are baking or cooking for your Fourth of July celebration on my Facebook page.
– Tweet, blog, or talk about this contest on Facebook. Don’t forget to tell me you did!
-Deadline is July 5, 2011 at midnight (MST)
– Winner will be announced on July 6th.

Happy Baking!

  30 Responses to “Fourth of July cupcakes and a fantastic month of giveaways..”

  1. Sadly, I’m not baking anything. We all came down with the stomach flu and will be sitting at home.

  2. I follow this blog

  3. I like you on facebook

  4. I made some cookies (ala c jane in the kitchen) that were supposed to be red, white, and blue, but I just used crasins, raisins, regular chocolate chips, and rice crispies instead of crasins, white chips, and dried blueberries. I don’t really like white chips and the blueberries were too expensive for me!

  5. I follow your blog.

  6. I like you on facebook.

  7. I’ll be making Patriotic Sugar Cookie Bars.
    Have a Happy 4th!

  8. I already follow your blog publicly. 🙂

  9. I already “like” you on facebook.

  10. I always make red, white and blue ribbon jell-o. Decided to start it tonight this year, so it’s not so hectic trying to make it in between the parade and the other fun activities of the day. Just followed this blog, and I already like you on facebook.

  11. Baking chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips. Yum! Not bad w/ homemade vanilla ice cream either.

    reklimes (at) usfamily (dot) net

  12. I liked you on Facebook!

  13. I tweeted the giveaway!

  14. I follow this blog! And love it!

  15. I follow this blog and love it.

  16. I put your contest on my blog.

  17. I will be making Dutch Oven Smores. Since my oven broke last week, maybe I’ve baked too many zucchini cupcakes?

  18. I do “like” you on FB

  19. I made a red, white, and blue trifle with strawberries and blueberries

  20. I follow you publicly. Love it!

  21. I like you. On facebook, too. =)

  22. I made red, white and blue Jell-O stars, Teriyaki Burgers, Sweetwater Macaroni Salad, corn on the cob and fabulous red, white and blue striped drinks.

  23. Posted a pic of our 4th of July yumminess on your Author facebook page.

  24. Shared your contest on facebook.

  25. I made red, white, and blue velvet cupcakes. Blue velvet, red and white stripe cream cheese frosting, topped with blueberries.

  26. I’m following your blog publicly. :0)

  27. I bake because I love my kids and this is one of the ways I express that love. I bake just about all of their birthday cakes/cupcakes. A few times I’ve been too pressed for time and have broken down and gotten one from Walmart. But, generally, I do all the baking. I love to cook in general and trying new recipes is my Me Time! Next on my short list of things to try are 2 delicious-looking Halibut recipes. And I’m trying a new chocolate bar recipe with marshmallows recipe that I saw advertised on Facebook. Then I’m on to more homemade jams & jellies and canning pickles! Is it weird that I get a buzz thinking about cooking … might need a 12-step program for this addiction. LOL

  28. I’m following you on FB now & I can’t wait to see what awesome things you have for me to make!

  29. Ah, I’m so, so pleased this is back as I’ve really missed it. It was always so handy, and great to be able to change your mind and alter the order of photos. Many thanks, Folksy, for putting this back in!

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