Why I am not baking. Part 4- The wonders of spray paint.

 Posted by at 1:00 pm on July 1, 2011
Jul 012011

I’ve needed to be crafty outside the kitchen, so this is my latest project… which took hardly any time at all. My friend Miranda found the bench on KSL.com and decided she didn’t need it after all. I casually told her how much I loved it and if she didn’t want it, I would buy it from her.

The before. Minus the drawer and the other half. Kinda cool- it can seperate.

So I bought the bench from her a few days later, and then went searching for the perfect red. I needed more seating in our family room, and I liked this piece because it’s different. I had plenty of pillows, so I also looked for fabric to cover the cushions. I found a curtain at Hancock Fabrics and I loved it. One curtain was plenty of fabric to cover both cushions, and I have enough leftover fabric to sew a pillow or two for the couches. Another day’s project.

And the finished project.

Happy crafting!

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