I am…..

I came across this great website lately which caused me to reflect for a moment the many things I am… I am a daughter, sister, granddaughter, wife, mother, aunt, baker, friend,  and author. There are many more names that I am… and since I am missing my little nieces this week, I am going to focus on them.

I love being an aunt. This summer I was honored to help watch my sister’s girl’s for several days (who live out of state) and loved getting to know them. (My brother and his family live here) Their sweet personalities are in my heart forever. I miss them each day- I love that they love me. And I will always be known as “Aunt Winnie.” I think little Miss G has seen too many Winnie the Pooh movies…. but that is one title I treasure. Aunt Winnie.

Little Miss G ready for swimming! Priceless.

We celebrated Miss G’s 2nd Birthday while they visited. She loved my Cookie Dough cupcakes. Smart girl.

Sleepy little Miss C. I tell her that I am her favorite Aunt while she sleeps… but honestly, she is the luckiest little girl. All of her aunts simply love her.

Little Miss G again. She smiled every time I asked her to.

Miss H. She is a princess through and through. She is beautiful and funny.

Mr. B and his black eye. I still don’t remember what happened, but he is tough.

Little Miss A. She is smart and sassy- with a sweetness unlike anyone I know. She is a delight to have around.

And finally, the last picture taken of our time together- Little Miss G and her Aunt Winnie.

Happy Baking!
Aunt Winnie

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  1. Aw, how sweet. I rarely get to spend time with my 3 nieces too. My SIL lives about 9hrs north of us so I take in every minute of time I get with those girls when they visit.

    Glad you all had a great time, they’re cute kiddos!

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