The LDSBA dinner and the winner is….

 You are looking at the dessert bar sponsored by the 101 Gourmet Series…. I spent most of the day Monday baking with my good friend Michelle- thanks Michelle- I seriously would have lost my mind without your help! Then on Tuesday, I decorated the cake bites, all 240 of them.

Here’s a close up of the Pralines and Cream cake bite… and the book cover.

And here’s me… with the newest releases and my cute new dress… It was a success. The books are doing great. It’s not even the official release yet. I am so happy. Tired, but really happy.

Now on to the winner. Thank you to all who entered the contest. In my opinion you are all winners, but since I don’t have that many Cupcake Candle warmers to give out, I had to pick one. Well, did that for me.

(drum roll please)


Congratulations- please email me your information and I will be sending you this great little cupcake decoration.

Happy Baking!