Why I am not baking. Part 5- The highchair.

I purchased this beautiful wooden highchair 4 years ago…. when my baby was really a baby. I thought I’d refinish it and put it in my kitchen….. That was so long ago. I stumbled upon it recently in my attic, wrapped in plastic…. so I thought- this is a perfect project for me- with my niece coming into town, she would need a place to eat, right?

I just needed an excuse to spray paint. Here is the before and after.

Of course it’s red. It matches my kitchen beautifully. And even though my little niece has been gone for over a month now, it’s still in my kitchen. I can’t seem to part with it. It’s so beautiful, wrapping it in plastic and placing it back in the attic seems cruel. For now, Miss C places her dolls there for lunch and dinner and plays “mom” while I am in the kitchen working on any baking.

Happy Painting, restoring, and baking!