BBQ Potatoes from Real Mom Kitchen

 Posted by at 1:00 pm on September 3, 2011
Sep 032011

I love potatoes… any form, made any way. Baked, fried, and even on the BBQ. I saw this recipe on Real Mom Kitchen– and of course had to try it. I was able to make a great potato, and not heat up my kitchen. Making these potatoes reminded me of my short stay in Japan as an exchange student. My host family did a BBQ and fireworks for me on the 4th of July- I think they were afraid I was a little homesick. They served these great potatoes on the grill. Along with squid, octopus, fish, and lots of vegetables. (I love food memories!)

Back to reality. My kids asked for more- it’s a keeper at our house. Here’s a link to Real Mom Kitchen for the recipe…. and I do believe the key is the smoked paprika. Delish!

Happy Baking or Grilling!

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  1. Glad your family enjoyed them. đŸ™‚

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