How do you like your eggs?

 Posted by at 1:00 pm on September 11, 2011
Sep 112011

We love to eat eggs at our house. Really like eggs…. When I make eggs in the morning, my son can eat anywhere between 4-6 eggs himself alone. And he is 7.

I took a very scientific poll at our home and on Facebook… I know- really scientific, right? If you don’t already “like” me, then go here.

Some people like over easy eggs……. I still don’t know why. They make me want to gag.

Some people like poached eggs. I do if they are done in the center.

Egg sandwiches. Miss C’s favorite. But with out the cheese. Really, are these kids related to me?

Scrambled eggs. The majority of people like these. My question is.. do you like them soft or well cooked?

Or like me, with cheese?

Happy Baking and Happy Breakfast!

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  1. I like over easy, I only like poached/coddled if I’m sick, Egg sandwiches are good, scrambled WELL cooked, definitely cheese!

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