What’s next?

One of the F.A.Q’s at my book signings is, “What’s next for you?”

And even though it’s only been 1 month since Cake Bites came out, I actually have an answer already. I just signed a contract, so it’s official. I am creating recipes and working on the manuscript when I am not doing other book things.

Any guesses?

The title is 101 Gourmet Ice Cream Creations…..

I still need a tag line…. and I want to know what your favorite ice cream treats are.

Care to share with me? Leave a comment with your favorite ice cream treat. Let’s see how many great creations we can come up with.

My favorite so far… Roasted Strawberry. In fact I am eating a bowl as I write this post… I’m calling it research. I have 26 recipes down, and need 75 more…. after all, it’s a 101 Gourmet Series.

Happy Baking and Ice Cream making!