Felt Flower Wreath- inspired by fall

 Posted by at 2:00 pm on November 28, 2011
Nov 282011

I found 3 fall inspired wreaths and desperately needed a craft day. After being sick and the book tour- I needed a break to clear my head, and the thought of involving felt, a glue gun, and some buttons, sounded like the best kind of therapy.

So I went to work. I came up with a plan, and went to the store to get felt… and was surprised with the amount of colors to choose from.

I used an old wreath lying around- took off the old stuff… and it was new again! It’s called up-cycling. The felt I purchased for 29 cents each sheet. And of course the initial “P” for my last name…. and some cute little pumpkins can add more of a “fall” feeling. The whole thing was under $8. That’s my kind of bargain.

I found this tutorial on making simple felt flowers on Pinterest. Then made some of my own. I put a small stitch through the bottom of each flower, to help it hold together.

Here’s some of the finished products. I do have to admit that making the flowers took some time, but I was enjoying the quiet. It was very therapeutic.

And here it is. The wreath. I used my glue gun to place the pumpkins first, the started filling in the rest of the wreath with the felt flowers. Then added my letter, also using the glue gun. After it was done, I thought it needed a few berries. So I added berries too.

Note: This wreath would fade… but my front door is north facing, so it doesn’t get a lot of sun.

A closer look. Cute, right?

Happy Crafting!

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