Highlights from the Spokane Book Tour

I love playing with my adorable nieces. It was a delight- even when they came and woke me up before 7 am each morning!

Here’s me and Maggie Fetchner- who wrote the book Growing Up Gracie at our signing at The Brass Plates…. I would have fixed my sweater, it looks horrible- but I didn’t realize it was this crooked. Oh-well.

We ate at The Onion in Spokane. The hamburgers were better than I expected… and I had heard a lot about them- and what was even better, the FRIED OREOS.

Soft, warm and chewy. Just the way they should be.

Mark is trying to say, “These are really good.”

Getting ready for baking. Go crazy! And you can never have so many good assistants in the kitchen.

The little bakers in training.

This is Miss G- trying to fit into the suitcase to come home with me. I would have taken her- but her mamma would have missed her too much!

(L-R) My sister, my mom and me! We make a great team… and had a great time together. Can’t be all work, right?

I had a wonderful time signing at The Brass Plates- thank you Cori! And Auntie’s Bookshop was really fun too. Reminded me of King’s English here in Salt Lake City. The baking class on Saturday was a hit. Such great ladies came out- despite the snow and I loved meeting everyone.
This week, I am recovering, doing laundry and trying to get back to a schedule. At least I’ve got a routine to jump back into.
Happy Baking!